US coronavirus, vaccinated people will be able to meet indoors without masks and social distancing

People vaccinate in the US they will be able to meet each other indoors without wearing masks or respecting social distancing.

The first guidelines of the US government arrive on the measures to be followed for the population that has been vaccinated against covid-19.

According to the recommendations, experts calculate that immunization is completed when two doses of the vaccines are received Pfizer and of Modern and one of that of Johnson& Johnson.

And only after at least two weeks have passed since the last inoculation. According to experts, there is mounting evidence that vaccinated people are no longer contagious even if they are exposed to the SARS-Cov2 virus. But it is still unclear how long vaccinated people remain protected.

Coronavirus, the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have therefore established that for those who are immunized “the levels of precaution to be maintained towards people with whom they come into contact in closed environments will depend on the characteristics of non-vaccinated people”, that is, if they are at low or high risk of complications in case of contagion.

In the guidelines i Cdc they affirm that fully vaccinated citizens can: visit other people who are also vaccinated indoors without masks and without physical distancing; visiting people from the same household or living in the same house without a mask or physical distance indoors if those who have not been immunized are “at low risk of developing a serious illness”.

But fully immunized people should continue to wear masks and maintain physical distance when in contact with people who are at high risk for complications at the Covid-19 or have high-risk family members themselves. They should also continue to use masks and cautions if they visit people who have not been vaccinated or when they are in public places.

All other contagion containment measures are also recommended, such as washing hands often, avoiding poorly ventilated spaces and so on. Vaccinated people can also avoid quarantine if they accidentally come into contact with people infected with the Sars-Cov2, but asymptomatic. In any case, even those who are immunized must monitor the possible appearance of symptoms for 14 days.


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