US corporate giant Amazon has been fined for hiding company

New York: US corporate giant Amazon fined for hiding company employees’ cowid details

Amazon has been fined $ 5 million (approximately Rs 3.71 crore) for failing to disclose the details of its employees affected by Kovid. Earlier, it was discovered that Amazon had failed to pass on coworker information to co-workers.

The company was found to have stored information on the Covid case at Amazon’s workplace in California. According to this law, the employer must notify other workers of covid cases between workers each day. In addition, the law requires local health agencies to report covid cases between workers within 48 hours.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the court ruled in favor of the California Department of Health. Following the move, Amazon is reportedly ready to share Kovid cases with local health agencies and pay fines.

Following a recent court order, Amazon has asked its California warehouse staff to provide accurate information on coworker cases. California Attorney General Rob Bonda says the fine was imposed because the court was convinced of a high-profile complaint against Amazon.



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