US Court of Appeal suspends compulsory vaccination in companies – RBC

In early November, 11 US states filed a lawsuit against the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for companies with more than 100 employees.

The New Orleans Federal Court of Appeals has suspended an order from the administration of US President Joe Biden, according to which companies with 100 or more employees must ensure their mandatory vaccination against COVID-19. It is reported by The Washington Post.

A panel of three judges – Kurt Engelhardt, Edith Jones and Stuart Kyle Duncan – reaffirmed their previous decision on the matter, taken on November 6. According to the court’s opinion, the Labor Department’s demand “significantly exceeds OSHA’s statutory mandate.”

“The order does not look like a scalpel, applied carefully, but a huge sledgehammer, striking without taking into account the specifics of the workplace (and workers),” they wrote.

The judges added that they believe the ruling places an additional financial burden on businesses, threatens to destroy the workforce by forcing company employees to get vaccinated, have tests or quit, and potentially violates the US Constitution.

11 states filed a lawsuit against the introduction of compulsory vaccination in the United States



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