US cuts water supply for some states America is thirsty for water; The US has cut off water supplies in some states due to the drought

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Washington officials said Tuesday that they will cut water supplies to some US states and Mexico to avoid damage to the Colorado River.
More than two decades of below-average rainfall had severely depleted the Colorado River.

Following this, Washington issued strict warnings and set a deadline to reduce dependence on the river. But the states that depend on the river have not been able to implement a plan or make proper preparations to reduce their use. Due to this, the Washington authorities took a strong decision to cut the water supply.

“To avoid catastrophic collapse of the Colorado River Basin system, water use in the basin must be reduced,” said Tanya Trujillo, assistant secretary for water and science at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Allocations from the river will decrease by 21 percent in 2023 in Arizona, while Nevada will see an eight percent decrease. Mexico’s allotment will be reduced by seven percent.
But California, the largest user of the river’s water and the most populous of the western states, will not be affected.


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