US jury voted to indict Donald Trump

US jury voted to indict Donald Trump

A New York Grand Jury voted this Thursday to impute to the former president Donald Trump (2017-2021) in a case related to the payment to the porn actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for his silence, according to the newspaper The New York Times.

The newspaper, which quotes four people familiar with the matter, points out than the first indictment for criminal offenses against a former US president. it will be announced in the next few days and by then the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will have asked Trump to turn himself in to be cited for the charges, which are not yet known.

The grand jury, a body that reviews cases and decides whether or not there is a basis for holding a trial, It has been followed with great media attention since Trump himself assured ten days ago that its 23 members were going to confirm his accusation and immediately afterwards he would be arrested, which ultimately did not happen.

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Until Wednesday, it was believed that the grand jury would postpone its decision until the end of April.

For its part, The Wall Street Journal maintains that the grand jury has examined in its latest meetings -which are not public, so their content is only known through leaks- a second case of another Playboy model who He also accuses Trump of having paid him in exchange for keeping quiet about a sexual relationship.

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Model Karen McDougal, who was “Playboy Girl” of the year in 1998, says she had a sexual relationship with Trump for ten months in 2006, and struck a deal to publish his story with The National Enquirer in exchange for $150,000, but the newspaper – which is owned by a friend of Trump – bought his testimony to hide it.

The detail is important, because it would mean that the accusation of Stormy Daniels is no longer isolated and that there is a pattern of conduct on the part of Trump, which makes his guilt more likely.


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