US Plan to Build NATO in Asia: North Korea Review | US-Japan-South Korea Deal Materializes Plans For An Asian NATO

North Korea has criticized the US for planning to create a NATO-like organization on the Asian continent.

The United States, Japan, and South Korea discussed strengthening military deterrence measures to counter North Korea in the North Korean region at the NATO force meeting held last week.

In this situation, North Korea has strongly opposed it

The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, “The false reason why the United States sees North Korea as a threat has become known. The United States wants to increase its military strength by establishing a NATO-like military force in the Asia-Pacific region. Because of this, North Korea is seen as a threat by America.

“In the current environment, we are working urgently to strengthen our country’s security to actively deal with the deterioration of security in the Korean region.”

North Korea and Missile Tests: North Korea conducted a missile test last January. Since the beginning of 2022, North Korea has so far conducted 10 missile tests, shocking the world. Neighboring countries South Korea and Japan have expressed concern over North Korea’s alarming activities.

North Korea continues to focus on improving its missile tests while ignoring its economy, which has deteriorated due to the corona virus, the UN said. It is significant to have condemned.


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