US Rep. Santos gives up seats on congressional committees

US Rep. Santos gives up seats on congressional committees

Dhe scandalous member of parliament George Santos, who has been criticized for numerous inventions in his CV, does not want to sit on any congressional committees for the time being. According to the US media, the Republican politician from New York announced at a meeting with party friends on Tuesday that he would be temporarily withdrawing from the two committees of the House of Representatives to which he had been appointed in mid-January. According to the Washington Post, the 34-year-old justified this by saying that he was a “distraction”.

Santos was elected to the House of Representatives in Washington for the first time in November’s midterm elections. As a result, there were always new revelations about the politician’s sometimes outrageous misrepresentations about his university education, his career, his family and his religion.

So Santos sealed a degree from an elite university and falsely claimed to have worked for the investment bank Goldman Sachs and for Citigroup. There are also questions about the Republican’s campaign funding. Several investigations are now underway against the politician with Brazilian roots.

The new MP has admitted many of the misstatements and has spoken of “embellishing” his CV. However, he firmly rejected a resignation, which some Republicans are also calling for. In mid-January, Santos was appointed to the House Committees on Small Business and on Science, Space and Technology.

In the midterm elections in November, the Republicans won a narrow majority in the House of Representatives. Santos also contributed to this with his victory in a New York constituency. In the Senate, on the other hand, President Joe Biden’s Democrats were able to defend their majority.


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