US says it is not at war with Russia

2023-05-27 11:47:04

In a press conference, General Mak Milley said that Washington is only “supporting, training and advising Ukraine. This is not a direct conflict with Russia.”

US defense leaders told a press conference on Thursday that despite Washington’s continued support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, the United States itself is not at war with Russia.

The press conference followed a virtual meeting of dozens of countries that militarily support Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities say a Friday morning missile attack on a clinic in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro killed one person and wounded at least 15 others, including two children.

A video distributed by the authorities showed a fire destroying a two-story building in Dnipro. In a statement, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the “inhumans” who launched the attack must be defeated.

The British Ministry of Defense said this Friday, in its daily update of the secret services on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that for at least 20 years Russia has registered a “proliferation of paramilitary groups” of the Russian armed forces.

“Paramilitarization” has increased dramatically, the ministry said, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, especially on the Crimean Peninsula.

Sergei Aksyonov, the leader of Russian-occupied Crimea, is described as having been “instrumental” in the creation of these paramilitary groups in the region.

Now, however, Aksyonov is likely keen to distinguish himself by recruiting fighters, but the ministry said he is “probably concerned” about the armed forces’ ability to defend the peninsula. “The main element of the Russian garrison, the 22nd Army Corps,” the ministry said, “is currently deployed mostly outside the peninsula and has suffered heavy casualties.”

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