US Senators will not succeed in discrediting Russia – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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The proposal of US Senator Robert Menendez to impose sanctions against Russia in the event of its “invasion” of Ukraine will remain an unsuccessful attempt to discredit, said Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Earlier, the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat Menendez, proposed an amendment to the draft US defense budget, which would provide for broad sanctions against Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine. The adoption of the amendment also provides for sanctions against Russian banks, state-owned enterprises operating in the field of oil, gas and minerals.

“The goal is clear – to blame indiscriminately and force one to make excuses, and if it doesn’t work out, then at least discredit the opponent so that he doesn’t get up twice. I’ll upset Mr. Menendez: it’s definitely not going to work – we won’t make excuses, nor will it work to discredit,” Kosachev said RIA News.

According to him, it is the United States that is distinguished by multiple invasions on the territory of sovereign countries.

“But Senator Menendez, apparently, lives on another planet. And his initiative, alas, confirms a new destructive tendency in the US line in international affairs – to brandish a sanctions baton for no reason, threatening to counter actions for actions that have not been committed and, by definition, cannot be committed “, – added the vice-speaker of the Federation Council.


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