US threatened Taliban with retaliation for refusing to let Americans pass to Kabul airport

The United States has threatened to provide a quick and powerful response if the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in the Russian Federation) prevents American citizens from entering Kabul airport for evacuation. This was stated by Jake Sullivan in an interview with NBC News. At the same time, the Taliban sent a battalion of special forces to the airport to restore order there.

“We conveyed to them that if they do not allow our citizens to leave the country, and also try to disrupt or somehow interfere with our operations and evacuation, we will give a quick and powerful response,” said Mr. Sullivan (quoted in “ RIA News”).

Al-Jazeera TV reported about a battalion of special forces sent to the airport by the Taliban, citing Afghan sources. They are reported to have to disperse crowds of people who have arrived at the airport to fly mainly on American or Pakistani special flights. It was also said that “in order to overcome the chaos and restore order at the Kabul airport, all flights were canceled.” It also says that the airport is closed for two days. Al Jazeera claims the Taliban was asked to do so by the Americans.

“The Americans approached us to keep people out of the air harbor … We expect civil flights to and from Kabul airport to resume in the coming days,” the Taliban were quoted as saying (quoted by TASS).

The situation in Afghanistan escalated in mid-August amid the withdrawal of American troops from the country. In early August, the Taliban (the movement is banned in the Russian Federation as a terrorist movement) stepped up their offensive against government forces in Afghanistan. On August 15, militants entered Kabul and took control of the presidential palace. On the same day, President Ashraf Ghani left the country. The evacuation of foreigners and Afghans who do not agree with the change of government in the country continues from the airport.

Read about the development of the situation in Afghanistan in the publication of Kommersant “Taliban Inflow”.



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