US to blame for Ukraine, Taiwan situation: Putin- Dinamani

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Putin has blamed the US for the problems faced by Ukraine and Taiwan.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches 6 months, the Russian army has captured most of the country and is engaged in continuous attacks.

In particular, the Russian military launched a missile attack on a nuclear power plant in the city of Zaporizhia.

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In this case, Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in the security conference held in Moscow through video.

At that time, when speaking about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives (Lower) said, ‘If you look at the situation in Ukraine, it is clear that the United States is taking steps to prolong the war. Not only that, America is also trying to create conflict in Asia, Africa and Latin America. A trip by an irresponsible politician (Pelosi) to Taiwan is a US strategy to destabilize and create chaos in Taiwan and the rest of the world. We are monitoring this closely,” he alleged.


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