US to provide military aid to Egypt in exchange for solving human rights problems

The Egyptian government will receive US $ 130 million in military aid if it takes steps to address human rights, a US State Department spokesman said in a statement to Reuters. Earlier, the Washington Post reported about the US plans to link part of the support to these conditions, citing sources in the US State Department and Congress.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will send military aid to Egypt if the authorities of the potential recipient “affirmatively consider specific conditions related to human rights,” the State Department said in a statement.

Annual US military aid to Egypt is $ 1.3 million. According to The Washington Post, US officials have approved the allocation of $ 170 million for programs to combat terrorism, protect borders and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The remaining $ 130 million is planned to be allocated in exchange for the closure of the so-called “case 173” on foreign funding, through which several human rights organizations and their employees are involved in Egypt.



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