US: We will not sit idly by if Iran gets too close to nuclear weapons

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“The United States will not stand back if Iran is too close to nuclear weapons. If they start getting too close, then of course we will not be willing to sit on the sidelines without doing anything” – things US special envoy Rob Mali said in a US television interview.

Malay, a Reuters correspondent, did not explain what he meant when he said that Iran would be “too close” to nuclear weapons, or what the American options were in such a case.

But these were the words of the special envoy: “If they do not agree to return to the agreement, then of course we will have to look at other efforts, diplomatic and other, to try to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“If Iran chooses not to join the nuclear deal, and instead drags its feet at the negotiating table and at the same time continues to accelerate its nuclear program – then we will have to respond accordingly. And the options in America’s hands, as you know, those options are known to all.”

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