Usa, Biden: We will lower the price of drugs. Arrests of illegal immigrants in Texas

Joe Biden on twitter announces a plan to reduce the price of drugs. It is one of the highest spending items on average for American families. “We pay – wrote the president on the social network – two and a half times the price of the other leading countries. We need to change this. My Build Back Better Agenda will lower the cost of drugs for Americans by letting Medicare (over 65 medical insurance program) negotiate prices. It’s an important thing”.

In Texas, first arrests of illegal immigrants on the border with Mexico

The southern state has initiated arrests for those from Mexico try to enter the United States gives clandestine. The first 10 arrests were made in execution of the order given by the Republican governor Greg Abbott to stop the flow of migrants. Control of the borders until now rested with the federal administration, but Abbott, to circumvent the constraints, has long declared a state of emergency. A decision that represents a break with Washington. The ten illegal immigrants were locked up in Dilley prison, 160 km from the border. The facility, a spokesman for the governor learns, has a capacity of 950 inmates. From the WSJ it is learned that arrests at the southern border since the beginning of the year amounted to more than a million. The situation represents one of the toughest matches for the Biden administration. A large number of illegal border crossings that according to the Wall Street Journal would also be linked to the serious economic effects of the Covid pandemic on Latin America.

Social, in the Senate law to stop fake news on facebook and twitter

Social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are close to losing it legal shield which protects them from the consequences of their contents, in cases of disinformation on health emergency issues such as Covid. The law, presented by the Democratic senator and former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, eliminates the so-called “liability protections”, which act as a buffer for any content-related causes. “At the beginning of the year – explained Klobuchar – I asked Facebook and Twitter to remove the accounts responsible for most of the disinformation on the coronavirus, but we need a more long-term solution”.


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