Usa, Biden’s dogs removed from the White House. “Too aggressive”. VIDEO

Major and Champ, Joe and Jill Biden’s two German Shepherds, had to say goodbye to the White House. They were taken back to the Wilmington, Delaware residence last week. After the three-year-old Major, adopted by a kennel in November 2018, allegedly exhibited “aggressive behavior”, as reported by CNN, which cites two sources with knowledge of the facts. He would have bitten a White House security officer. A young ‘exuberant’ character that of Major, from the story of those who saw him at the White House, who

describes a German shepherd little more than a puppy that jumps, barks and ‘launches’ towards the staff and security agents, the protagonist of what seems like a fairy tale, from the kennel to the White House. The extent of the episode is not clear, but – according to CNN, which has not received answers from the White House – it would have been so worrying as to make the decision for the return of the two dogs to Wilmington. Major arrived at the White House with Champ, 13, in January shortly after Biden took office. For Major and Champ, however, a source pointed out, it is normal to be in Delaware when the first lady is traveling.


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