USA destroy cell phone technology from Huawei – because of security risks – policy abroad

Now the US is making short work of China technology!

The telecommunications regulator FCC is making $ 1.9 billion so that the US network will no longer rely on the infrastructure of Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE based.

The huge amount shows how important the US considers the replacement of cell phone masts and data lines. The money is intended primarily to compensate rural telecommunications providers for the large-scale retrofitting.

“The reimbursement program covers reasonable costs for the removal, replacement, and disposal of Huawei and ZTE devices and services purchased on or before June 30, 2020,” the FCC said. The application period therefore runs from October 29th to January 14th.

Reason for the high expenditure: The USA sees the China companies as a threat to national security. The FCC believes the technology is a gateway for Chinese espionage and sabotage.

Lithuania also warns against cell phones from China

A week ago, the Lithuanian government issued massive warnings of security gaps and built-in censorship functions in China cell phones.

▶ ︎ Affected: Devices from Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus, which are also popular in Germany. Specifically, three 5G models were examined: the P40 from Huawei, the Mi 10T from Xiaomi and the 8T from OnePlus.

It was discovered that the software in the Xiaomi and Huawei devices contains security gaps that can be used for data espionage, surveillance and censorship.

That is why Lithuania’s Deputy Defense Minister Margiris Abukevicius recommended “not to buy new Chinese cell phones”. Owners of such devices should get rid of them quickly. He suggested that the vulnerabilities discovered were deliberately built in.

Foto: Getty Images

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One of the dangerous devices: the Huawei P40Foto: Getty Images

The state center for cybersecurity said: During the analysis of the Xiaomi device, it was discovered that it was technically capable of censoring the content downloaded on it. According to this, it can recognize and block terms like “Free Tibet” or “Democracy Movement”.

This function is deactivated for cell phones sold in Europe, but can also be switched on remotely at any time.

The analysts found no defects in the OnePlus device. With the Huawei phones, there are concerns in connection with the official app store, which is forwarding to unsafe providers. Viruses abound there. There is also the risk that data stored in the cloud will be forwarded to China.

The German Federal Office for Information Security announced that it would take a closer look at the devices following the report from Lithuania.

Expert: Messages could be read

Rüdiger Trost, security expert from F-Secure Germany, told the dpa that the allegations must be taken seriously.

“I think it is more than likely that there are opportunities for Chinese authorities to directly access smartphones from national production. And I have no doubt that China is willing to use technical means to exercise censorship, ”said Trost.

If the corporations, the Chinese state or hackers had such deep access, they would not only be able to read communications before they were encrypted, for example in the case of e-mails, WhatsApp or even Signal.

The expert warns: “You could even upload data and in this way discredit a dissident, for example. You could manipulate your smartphone in such a way that it appears like a spy from another state. “



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