USA – Her beard brings this tiktoker a number of admirers

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Most women strive to keep their facial hair under control as much as possible. The Tiktokerin “PeekabooPumpkin” proudly presents her unusual beard on social media – and has great success with it.

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More than 55,000 people follow “Peekabopumpkin” on her Tiktok channel.

Screenshot / TikTok

The unusual goatee stands out in her videos.

The unusual goatee stands out in her videos.

Screenshot / TikTok

While many users are happy about the American woman's self-confidence, she is also met with hatred again and again.

While many users are happy about the American woman’s self-confidence, she is also met with hatred again and again.

Screenshot / TikTok

  • According to her own statements, the 36-year-old American suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome.

  • One symptom of the metabolic disorder that upsets the hormonal balance in the body can be a lady’s beard.

  • After struggling with herself and her unusual hair growth for a long time, she is now advertising on Tiktok for more acceptance and body positivity.

Her beard is her trademark: on her Tiktok profile @ peekaboo-pumpkin, a 36-year-old regularly entertains over 55,000 fans with her unusual face jewelry. Most of the videos of the American with a goatee get hundreds of thousands of views, one even over 16 million. Not only does she focus on her head of hair on Tiktok, paying customers also get more intimate glimpses of “peekaboo-pumpkin” on “Onlyfans”.

Shared feedback

In her videos, the bearded lady, who, besides her age, does not reveal much information about herself, focuses on her everyday life with a beard. It took a lot of strength before she could accept herself for who she is. Fortunately, the American has never had any problems at work because she works in an “extremely professional company”.

According to her own information, the 36-year-old suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome. This metabolic disorder messes up the hormone balance and can manifest itself in symptoms such as beard growth or infertility. Many of those affected by the disease express their admiration for the 36-year-old in the comments below the videos for dealing so openly with the disease.

Beard erotic for a fee

If the videos on Tiktok, in which the lady reads tarot cards or shows her beard, made you want more, you will find what you are looking for on the “Onlyfans” payment platform. Content creators can also upload pornographic content to the website. Users can then subscribe to accounts of their choice for a monthly fee. There “Peekabopumpkin” describes himself as “Hairy big beautiful woman” and “Real bearded freak” and offers erotic pictures and videos of herself and her head of hair.

The feedback from the community among their videos is divided. “If I were a man, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to have a beard,” says one user. Others encourage the American with comments such as “It actually looks really sexy!” or «You are so beautiful and natural! I love your self-confidence ».

According to the “New York Post”, the American reported in a Tiktok video, which she has now put on private, that she could hardly save herself from date offers from interested men. One user asked: «Are you single? I’ve never dated a woman with a beard, but I’d love to go out with you. ” But the suitors are unlucky: The 36-year-old is already married by her own account.

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