USA, in San Francisco there is the obligation of the vaccine: “Do it or we will fire you all”

The city of San Francisco is the first in the United States to impose the requirement of anti-Covid vaccination on public employees. The message addressed to the 35,000 workers of the local administration is clear: whoever does not undergo the vaccine will be fired.

There will be exceptions only for proven health or religious reasons, but the rule is already causing a lot of discussion. Second Carol Isen, Human Resources Director of the San Francisco Administration: “This decision was made to protect the health of both us civil servants and the citizens we serve. It is about protecting the city and every worker from what we consider an unacceptable risk“.

Previously, the San Francisco administration had only imposed the vaccination requirement on its employees employed in locations with a high concentration of people and therefore at a high risk of contagion, such as hospitals, prisons and kindergartens.

Now the rule is extended to everyone, from policemen to firefighters, with the threat of losing their jobs. There is a deadline: since when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, the American health authority), will authorize a vaccine – which is expected to happen within a few months – San Francisco employees will have ten weeks time to comply.

At the moment, it is estimated that only 55% of San Francisco city workers were vaccinated with at least one first dose, while 5% are certainly unvaccinated and the remaining 40% are still in the mystery, which is rather strange for an advanced country like the United States.


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