USA is hit by a wave of criminals

by time news

EIt was like being in a gangster movie, and everything happened very quickly: Last Saturday, shortly before closing time at 9 p.m., around two dozen cars suddenly turned up in front of a branch of the Nordstrom department store chain near San Francisco. Around 80 people, some of them masked, got out and stormed the shop, some had crowbars or firearms with them. They immediately set about stealing goods, some attacked the staff, one employee was sprayed with pepper spray. After a short time they ran out again with their prey and drove away at high speed. The whole thing didn’t take much more than a minute. The police later spoke of a “criminal mob” and a “brazen act” that was obviously planned. She got there quickly and arrested three more people, but the rest got away for now.

The audacity of the mass robbery was shocking, but by no means an isolated incident. The evening before, in the middle of San Francisco around Union Square, there was a whole series of looting. Groups of thieves raided nearly a dozen stores, including branches of luxury chains like Louis Vuitton and Burberry, as well as some cannabis outlets. Witnesses told a local television station that the Louis Vuitton store was completely emptied afterwards. The police chief of San Francisco said afterwards that he would do everything possible to stop this “madness”. Among other things, traffic is now being diverted to make it more difficult for robbers to drive to the door of certain shops. California Governor Gavin Newson announced plans to increase the budget to combat shoplifting. The state police force has its own “task force” that is responsible for such crimes.


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