Usa, shoot in a supermarket in Colorado: several victims, even an agent

USA, massacre in a supermarket in Colorado: a policeman was among the victims

Massacre in a Boulder supermarket, in Colorado. A man fired into the crowd with an assault rifle, killing several patrons of King Soopers on Table Mesa Drive, a residential area in the south of the city. A police officer was among the dead. The exact death toll has not yet been disclosed, as the authorities are still informing the families, but according to press previews there could be six. The alleged killer, the only one injured in the shooting, was arrested. The motive is still a mystery for now. District Attorney Michael Dougherty says “this is a tragedy and a nightmare for Boulder County “, while police commander Kerry Yamaguchi calls for respect for privacy in this time of pain.

Some videos circulated on social document the start of the shooting and the arrest of the killer. We see a man handcuffed shirtless, in shorts, with a bleeding right leg. According to the reconstruction made by Abc, when the agents arrived, together with the men of the Swat Team, the man began to shoot at the policemen with a long-barreled weapon, probably an assault rifle. On social media and via radio it was launched the appeal to all people to keep away from the supermarket within a radius of five kilometers due to the presence of an “armed and dangerous individual”. Most of the store’s employees managed to escape by going out through a back door, others remained hidden with the customers. One of the witnesses, Andrew Hummel, a supermarket employee, told Kmgh that he managed to escape through a back door. While he was out, he received a message from a colleague on his cell phone who wrote to him: “I love you guys, thank you for everything, in short, in case things go wrong.” One woman, Sarah Moonshadow, who was shopping with her son, had the coldness to wait for the shooting to stop before telling her son “let’s move”, then reach the exit and get to safety. “The investigation is ongoing: investigators are at the crime scene to gather evidence. The number of victims will not be specified until the families have been informed,” tweeted Boulder police after the conference, indicating that more information will be disclosed in the next few hours.

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