USA: shooting in Atlanta, racial hate crimes on the rise

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At least 6 of the 8 people killed in three massage parlors in the metropolitan area of ​​Atlanta, USA, they were Asian women. The main suspect, Robert Aaron Long, is a young man of 21 years, captured 150 miles away after a dramatic car chase: according to the police, he is responsible for the three attacks, which took place within an hour.

The motivation behind the incident is not yet clear, but hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased in recent months, fueled by the rhetoric that blames Asians for the spread of Covid-19. The identity of the people killed is still unknown, but the government in Seoul said that four were South Korean women. According to a research published by Stop AAPI Hate, an NGO born precisely to fight the rise in hate crimes during the pandemic and prejudice against Asians, there have been nearly 3,800 incidents related to racial hatred. In commenting on the incident, Stop AAPI Hate said it was “an unspeakable tragedy” for the families of the victims and “the entire Asian-American community”, which “struggles to cope with the high levels of discrimination. racial.


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