Usa, the Chamber approves the law that opens the way to the citizenship of the «Dreamers» –

A sign of change for the more than 2.5 million irregular immigrants in the US arrived with the approval by the American Chamber of the provision that offers a road to citizenship for Dreamer, and for immigrants who entered the United States as minors with illegal parents and immigrants who fled war or natural disasters overseas.
L‘approval in the House of the American Dream and Promise Act an important first step to reform our immigration system, said President Joe Biden, praising the go-ahead for the provision that opens the way for citizenship to dreamers. Biden is committed to working with the US Congress to develop a 21st century immigration system based on dignity and security, and capable of offering long-term solutions.

The opposition

The project met with strong Republican opposition in the House but gave the Democrats a victory in first vote of the year on an issue that has yet to face a steep ascent in Congress. The measure, approved with 228 votes in favor and 197 against, offers legal status to about two million Dreamers, illegally brought to the United States by children and hundreds of thousands of other migrants from a dozen troubled countries. A second measure approved in the Chamber concerns a text aimed at facilitating the obtaining of a residence permit for immigrant agricultural workers, with a broader consensus: 247 votes in favor and 174. It would allow one million workers agricultural immigrants undocumented (and the government estimates they include half of the nation’s agricultural workers) who have worked for the past two years, along with their spouses and children, to obtain certified agricultural worker status. It would allow them to stay in the United States for renewable periods of five and a half years.

The Mexican border

Republicans insist that any immigration legislation bolsters security at the Mexican border, which waves of migrants have tried to breach in recent weeks, and accuse Congressional Democrats of ignoring the problem and President Joe Biden of fueling it by canceling restrictive policies. of former President Donald Trump, although the wave started while Trump was still in office. There are so many in our country – said the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – referring to the Dreamers who like many immigrants have worked on the front line during the pandemic. – These immigrant communities strengthen, enrich and ennoble our nation and must be allowed to stay.

March 19, 2021 (change March 19, 2021 | 05:18)

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