Usa, well-known faces no vax fired on the spot by companies

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In America, even the myths fall due to the Coronavirus. It happened a few days ago to Karl Bohnak who had been the American face of weather forecasts for 33 years. His radio and Karl in particular gave the forecast of a beautiful American place, the upper peninsula of Michigan.

It was so popular that Americans used to say “This is what Karl says”. In short, the weather forecasts were in the hands of the “weather wizard”.

But the virus put a stop to this popularity when 68-year-old Karl did not comply with the vaccination obligation. The TV6 station fired him on the spot.

Gray, the owner of the radio, refused to hear reason and followed the law by firing the popular artist. The motivation of the meteorologist, who for more than three decades had to “make cartoons” and leave, was very simple “at 68 I had no intention of vaccinating myself, I felt it was my right, as a human being and a citizen of the United States, decide what to put in my body “.

And Bohnak is not an isolated case. There are many, albeit in a small percentage, workers who decide to lose their jobs rather than get vaccinated. They are not many, it is true, but they are still news.

For example, in the state of Washington, as reported by official sources, nearly 1,900 state employees resigned or were fired. Among them an excellent face, that of the head football coach of Washington State University.

In Michigan, 400 workers from Detroit’s Henry Ford Health System also quit their jobs, while Novant Health, North Carolina, laid off 175 employees.

The list certainly does not stop there but, fortunately, most American workers have understood the value of the vaccine and have taken sides against these minorities considered dangerous.

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In the middle of the year, 150 workers at the Houston Methodist hospital resigned or were fired for refusing to be vaccinated. One of them was Nurse Jennifer Bridges, who led the no vax fight. She quickly became the familiar face of the movement.

The dismissal, however, gave her popularity and did not prevent her from having as many as five other job offers. For other Methodist workers in Houston, however, the layoff had more serious consequences.

This is the case of Becky Melcer who worked as a programmer of diagnostic procedures and surgery. It was a long and important career, and Melcer expected to retire from the Houston Methodist in just another six years or less. Instead, he was fired two weeks before his 15-year milestone.

She filed for unemployment but was denied because her job loss was caused by misconduct. “If I weren’t married, I don’t know what I would do,” Melcer says. He made an appeal but doubts he will be able to win it.

Curious is the motivation of the man who at the age of 59 told the judge that he had made the decision because he was inspired by God who kept repeating him not to get vaccinated. A virus, this time as never before, absolutely “not blessed”.

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