USB Developers Introduce High Power Support Standard

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USB-IF, the organization responsible for developing standards for USB ports and cables, has released a new version of the USB-C standard. Devices using the updated version of USB-C can accept up to 240W of power. CNET estimates that this power will power large-screen, 4K-resolution monitors and gaming laptops, up from 100W of USB-C-compatible PSUs. The USB-IF specification states that cables that support power transmission up to 240W must be marked with a special symbol. USB-C connectors with a reversible plug are used in modern computers, laptops, Android phones and some Apple tablets. The latest devices – notably Apple computers based on the M1 processor – support the new Thunderbolt / USB 4 format. It is compatible with older USB devices, but also allows you to connect devices that require high data transfer rates – for example ….

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