Used car sales down 22% in first half

Analysts of the Avtostat agency processed the data of the Electronic Passport and found that the number of used cars purchased decreased by 22% in the first six months of 2022 compared to the same period a year ago.

At the same time, in just the first half of the year, Russians purchased more than 2.17 million used cars. It is noted that the domestic LADA remains the most popular brand in the secondary market of the Russian Federation. In the six months of 2022, Russians bought 544.6 thousand of these used cars. The share of LADA in the secondary market is 25.1%.

The second line is occupied by Toyota with almost 237 thousand sold used cars. The top five also included Hyundai (117.3 thousand units), Nissan (112.4 thousand units) and Kia (112 thousand units).

At the same time, analysts note a sharp rise in prices in the secondary market. Average prices for used cars in the first half of 2022 increased by 61% (yoy) and reached RUB 1.2 million. The head of the press service of Avtostat, Azat Timerkhanov, added that the fall in the secondary market is also due to the lack of cars. According to him, the deficit began during the pandemic and only worsened with the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

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