Used oils, Italy’s circular record in Europe

Italy EU excellence in the used mineral oil supply chain, from harvesting to regeneration, thanks to the experience of Conou. Here are the numbers: compared to the average released for consumption in the European market in a year of over 4.3 million tons of virgin lubricating oil, the collectible waste oil is about 2 million and 100 thousand tons (equal to 48 %) while the harvest reaches 1 million and 730 thousand tons (equal to 88% of the collectable, while in Italy it is 99%).

In Europe, 1 million and 50 thousand tons of waste are being regenerated, equal to 60% of the harvest, while in Italy this ratio reaches about 98-99%. Finally, the regenerated lubricating bases produced in the European Union are equivalent to 600 thousand tons, with a yield of 57% compared to 65% of our supply chain.

“We are excellence and I believe that this excellence is also an example, a paradigm. Why if we want to win the climate battle we must move towards a widespread circular economy. The climate battle is won by recovering resources from waste. Conou is a successful example, “he tells Adnkronos Riccardo Piunti, new president of the Consortium.

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