Tamilnádu, First Published Apr 3, 2022, 3:22 PM IST

According to a report released by the Chennai Meteorological Department, due to the circulation of the upper layer of the atmosphere and heat transfer over the Tamil Nadu region.

03.04.2022: Light to moderate rain with thundershowers at one or two places in Southern Tamil Nadu, Western Ghats and adjoining districts, Telsa districts, Pudukottai district and Karaikal. Thundershowers will develop at several places in the southern Tamil Nadu and Western Ghats.

04.04.2022, 05.04.2022: Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places in southern Tamil Nadu, Western Ghats, Delta districts, Pudukottai, Sivagangai districts and Karaikal.

06.04.2022, 07.04.2022: Light to moderate showers are likely at two places in Tamil Nadu, Puthuvai and Karaikal.

For Chennai:

For the next 48 hours the sky will be partly cloudy with a maximum of 36 degrees Celsius and a low of 27 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, an overcast cycle is likely to form on April 6 in the southern Andaman Sea and adjacent Bay of Bengal. A depression is expected in the south-eastern Bay of Bengal in the next 24 hours.

Thus warning fishermen:

06.04.2022: Hurricane force winds of 40 kmph to 50 kmph and intermittent 60 kmph are possible in the southern Andaman Sea.

07.04.2022: Hurricane force winds of 45 to 55 kmph and intermittent 65 kmph are forecast in the southeastern Bay of Bengal and the adjoining Andaman Sea.

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