uti value opportunity fund, hot bank investments.. they are the top!! – uti value opportunity fund gives 100% returns last one year

Global inflation has run rampant since the Russia-Ukraine war. Starting with cooking oil, eggs and petrol prices have skyrocketed and crippled the livelihood of the middle class.

Following this, the stock market and equity mutual funds are also seen to decline. But even with this inflation certain mutual funds are consistently delivering their average annual returns to their investors.

UTI Value Opportunities Fund:

UTI Value Opportunities Fund is an equity value fund with an age of 16 years and 11 months. The fund was launched on July 20, 2005.

It is an open-ended equity value scheme. The fund follows the principle of intrinsic value for stock selection and has the flexibility to be actively positioned across the market cap spectrum.
Since this fund is an equity fund, it is rated as a very risky investment. Also the fund has been rated 4 star by research and 3 star mutual fund by CRISIL.

The minimum SIP amount for this fund is Rs.1000. For the same Lumpsum, you can invest up to Rs.5000 monthly. An exit fee of up to 10% will be charged if you wish to exit the fund within 1 year.

This fund has been giving high returns to its investors over its SIP of 17% over the last 7 years. But in the last one year it has been experiencing a bit of a setback.

Mutual fund advisors, bank and public sector debt funds, say these funds are ‘relatively’ safe as they invest only in banks and public sector companies.

Disclaimer: Mutual fund schemes are subject to market risks. Consult your advisor before investing and invest at your own discretion.


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