“Vaccinated life like the pre-pandemic”

by time news

Those who are vaccinated in the US can live practically as they did before the pandemic. This is how virologist Guido Silvestri, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, describes life as immunized against Covid-19 on Facebook, after in the United States “we have passed the 170 million vaccinated”. “One hundred and thirty-five thousand. It is not a Covid number, but it is the spectators who attended the Indianapolis 500 in recent days. Those who are vaccinated, here in the US, can now do what they want, with the blessing of Biden, Fauci and Cdc (the ‘anti-Trumpian prudence’ thank God is just a memory). In other words, he can live practically as he did before the pandemic. Other than outdoor masks and take-away coffee. ”

“While everything is reopening – hopes the scientist also for Italy – we must hope that the wind of normality and rediscovered reason will also enter many brains obscured by the pandemic (and by the follies related to it, from the denial of the virus to the cult of closures , from anti-vaccination to variant terrorism). We are in dire need of it – warns Silvestri – because there is a lot to do globally, especially on the vaccine front, and a lot to rebuild in the moral and psychological fabric of our society “.

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