Vaccination discussion on ServusTV: The 1-G rule of Monika Gruber

* Disclaimer: The TV diary is a strictly subjective summary of the TV evening. *

When the numbers rise and politicians are formally forced to take action, then it’s time again for the favorite word of ServusTV: Panic mode.

The private broadcaster from the state with the second highest incidence and the second lowest vaccination rate asked on Thursday in its “Hangar 7” talk: “Back in panic mode – back in lockdown?”

The Bavarian cabaret artist Monika Gruber was invited, who – as announced in advance – explained why she would like to retire from the stage earlier than planned. Gruber: “I have decided that I will not miss the moment when it is right for me to step down. I don’t feel like degenerating into my own caricature. All these measures made it even easier for me. Now we have 2-G, which means I have to shut out some of the audience. I don’t want that. “

“Distract people from everyday life”

And further: “It is not the task of culture and those who work in culture to support the division in society. That politics does it is bad. We can’t support that! We’re supposed to distract and entertain people from everyday life, and not say: You are allowed in and you are not. “

Now, of course, Gruber is at liberty to fear that he will “degenerate into his own caricature”, but her Corona argument deserves closer consideration.

The irony is that Gruber has to implement the 2-G rules in her short remaining stage career. If it were to stay with the cabaret scene any longer, the chances are good that these rules will be overridden at some point. If the vaccination progresses accordingly, we will come to that.

Gruber’s 1-G rule

Incidentally, she is in favor of a 1-G rule at cultural events. Gruber’s 1-G rule: Tested, but no matter whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. Her argument: “Why should a healthy, symptom-free person who has tested negative represent more danger to society than someone who has been vaccinated but never gets tested again and can also be contagious?”

By the way, she said she was vaccinated. Because it “was the prerequisite for being able to do my job.” It doesn’t sound like a heartfelt decision.


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