Vaccination with 354 HP on two floors

BerlinIf the citizens do not come to the vaccination, the vaccination has to come to the citizens, or drive – by bus. In a joint effort, all Berlin aid organizations have now converted four double-deckers into mobile vaccination centers that will cross the city with a flexible timetable in the course of October.

On Friday the first bus was in use in the parking lot of the Dong Xuan Center in Lichtenberg. And three quarters of an hour before the vaccination started, a queue had formed in front of the former sightseeing bus. It became clear what had already been observed in Berlin during the creative vaccination week: If you give people an uncomplicated vaccination, quite a few will pick up the prick on the spot. For example, a vaccination campaign in Wedding with a doner voucher was very successful, and an offer in Markthalle Neun amidst stands selling wine, tofu and roasted coffee was well received.

We mustn’t give up now.

The vaccination buses with their dedicated crews are now bringing the offers even closer to the people. In this way, it is possible to act even more specifically and spontaneously than before. And that is the right approach – because not only the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten warns against going into winter with the existing large vaccine picks in Germany. Now you have to go to the places where no offers have yet been accepted or where people found the previous procedure too cumbersome. The Berlin food banks are one of the bus destinations that are particularly obvious. There are certainly a lot of people here who we have not yet been able to reach. They too need to be protected.



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