Vaccine AstraZeneca, Aifa suspends its use throughout Italy as a precaution

Aifa as a precaution suspends the use of AstraZeneca throughout Italy. The Italian Medicines Agency has decided to extend the ban on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine throughout the country as a precaution and temporarily, pending the rulings of the EMA. This decision was taken in line with similar measures adopted by other European countries.

Aifa, “in coordination with EMA and the other European countries, will jointly evaluate all the events that have been reported following the vaccination”. Finally, the Medicines Agency “will promptly disclose any further information that may become available, including further methods of completing the vaccination cycle for those who have already received the first dose”.

Article update at 16:38.

AstraZeneca, 400 thousand doses of the vaccine seized throughout Italy

In Italy, after the suspension of a lot in recent days, the Public Prosecutor of Biella ordered the seizure of about 400 thousand doses of another Astrazeneca lot – ABV5811 – following the death of a teacher from the conservatory in the Piedmont province.


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