Vaccine distribution campaign | Dany Fortin “never knew” why he had been dismissed

(Ottawa) The legal battle surrounding the sudden impeachment of Major-General Dany Fortin as head of the vaccine distribution campaign in Canada continues Wednesday in Federal Court.

Mr. Fortin’s lawyer concluded her oral argument on Wednesday morning by saying that her client had still not received written reasons explaining why he had been dismissed in May from his post at the Public Health Agency of Canada. She also pleaded that no one had taken responsibility for this decision.

The lawyer alleges that Mr. Fortin was dismissed from his post for purely political reasons, because the Liberal government was concerned about the repercussions in public opinion when it became known that the officer was the subject of a investigation into an alleged sexual misconduct dating back to 1988. Mr. Fortin was charged later last summer with one count of sexual assault.

By asking Judge Ann Marie McDonald to reinstate her client in her duties, Mr.e Natalia Rodriguez argued that his dismissal constituted improper political interference in the internal workings of the military and that it violated Mr. Fortin’s right to due process and the presumption of innocence.

Justice Department attorney Elizabeth Richards argues for her part that Acting Chief of Staff General Wayne Eyre has assumed responsibility for removing Fortin from the vaccination campaign, which was very important. made appropriate, according to her. Me Richards also pleads that if Mr. Fortin had objected, he could have filed a grievance within the army itself.

Me Richards also believes that Mr. Fortin’s request to resume his duties as the head of the vaccination campaign is questionable, as this position no longer exists. She also maintains that contrary to what Mr. Fortin’s lawyers claim, the senior officer was not relieved of his military duties: he rather returned to his old post in the army.


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