Vaccine, FDA and WHO stop the third dose, it is not needed

“There is no concrete evidence to say that a third dose of the vaccine is necessary”, said experts from the US Pharmaceutical Agency (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), perhaps putting an end to the word. growing debate on starting the third dose of immunization.

Under the pressure of the CEOs of the vaccine-producing Big Pharma, many governments are in fact thinking, and in some cases have already decided, to carry out a third dose of the vaccine. In some cases it is limited to frail people but no one excludes that the process may widen.

Finally, the scientific community, the one that matters, has carried out an in-depth analysis of clinical trials on the effectiveness of vaccines and how they work in different countries.

The results, published by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, show that the efficacy of vaccines remains very high against all variants of the Coronavirus, including the Delta.

“Evidence accumulated so far appears to show that a third dose is not needed in the general population, as vaccine protection against severe disease is still high,” the scientists point out.

The same studies show that vaccines are on average 95% effective against severe Covid and 80% against infections, regardless of severity. And these data, experts recall, are valid for all known variants.

The team of researchers, led by WHO’s head of research, Ana María Henao, along with experts from the U.S. Federal Drug Agency (FDA), confirmed that all studies published so far do not provide credible evidence that protection against severe Covid, the main target of vaccines, is decreasing.

And in this regard, the scientific community is absolutely in agreement on the fact that, given this situation and given the limited number of vaccines, it is much more important to vaccinate those most exposed to risk, that is, all unvaccinated people.

The study also found that although a third dose may provide some benefit, the benefits of immunization on the unvaccinated are much greater. Carpet vaccination is therefore the only way to accelerate the end of the pandemic, as it prevents the evolution of multiple variants of the Coronavirus.

In support of the study’s conclusions, there is also an argument discussed by most immunity experts. The fact that some studies show a drop in the level of antibodies, (immune system proteins capable of blocking the entry of SARS-CoV-2 into cells), does not mean that the effectiveness of vaccines is waning. The fact that there is a reduction in the protection of vaccines against moderate or asymptomatic Covid does not mean that there cannot be protection against serious Covid.

One possible explanation for this is that not only antibodies come into play in protecting against serious disease, but also the memory cells of the immune system.

A third dose, the researchers argue, would probably be useful to some groups, first of all that of the immunosuppressed.

But the study also ventures into the future, arguing that if other variants of the disease arise, it would be necessary to approve an annual dose specially designed for the variant of the moment.

What has been done for years with the flu vaccine prepared for the different strains of the disease.

And then, finally, the FDA and WHO have put an important stone over the word alarmism and over Big Pharma’s obvious attempts to further vaccinate itself for no apparent reason and reason.


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