Vaccine in the second quarter 200 million Pfizer doses to the EU – The European Commission and BioNTech-Pfizer have reached an agreement on the accelerated delivery of 10 million doses for the second quarter. “I know how crucial the second quarter is for the implementation of our vaccination strategies in the Member States,” explained the president of the EU commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

The doses come from the option of 100 million doses in the second BioNTech-Pfizer contract, scheduled for the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2021.

“These 10 million accelerated doses will bring total doses of BioNTech-Pfizer in the second quarter to over 200 million. This is excellent news. It gives Member States room to maneuver and possibly fill delivery gaps,” von added. der Leyen.

Meanwhile, second Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya Research Center which produces the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, Italy could start producing 10 million doses per month of this immunizing drug by May. “Negotiations have also begun on the possibility of producing this vaccine in other EU countries, including Germany and France“, added the director.

Moderna has instead started experimenting with phase 2/3 vaccine on the pediatric population. The company announced that the first study participants received the dose of the vaccine candidate as part of the Phase 2/3 KidCOVE study.

The study should enlist 6.750 healthy pediatric participants of age under 12 and over six months and will take place in USA and Canada. The trial is being conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

“We are delighted to initiate this phase 2/3 study of mRNA-1273 in healthy children in the United States and Canada and thank NIAID and BARDA for their cooperation,” said Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna. “We are encouraged by the preliminary analysis of the Phase 3 COVE study of mRNA-1273 in adults aged 18 and over and this pediatric study will help us evaluate the potential safety and immunogenicity of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate for this important young population. “.



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