Vaccines for children aged 5-11, Pregliasco dismantles fake news on fertility

Covid vaccination for children for the age group 5-11? “Before Christmas we could leave, but I fear that there is little desire to have children vaccinated by parents who were struck by the fake ones that sneak in: fertility, damage in 20 years …“The virologist tells Salute Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor of the University of Milan. All fake news? “We know the mechanism of action of these vaccines and we know – says the expert – that they cannot interact on fertility. Some studies have even been done to analyze the amount of spermatozoa in post-vaccination sperm and have not attested any alteration. It is obvious that we do not know if something will happen in 20 years but – remember – this alarm comes from a note in the informed consent that should only have shown transparency and correctness, an excess of zeal that has turned into a communication error. Also because – underlines the doctor – we know the mechanism of action of mRna well and we know that it cannot alter the genome in any way“.

But in case of low adhesion would it be appropriate to include this vaccine among those already mandatory to access school? “It would be a good thing – continues Pregliasco – but it is a political decision that is certainly not easy in its implementation and feasibility”.

“The I really believe in vaccinating children. I believe it is useful in this epidemiological phase, precisely because the Delta variant involves them, because for them it is not a walk in the park and moreover because they are the reservoir of diffusion in the community. If we act in this phase, we could have a more civilized coexistence, after the winter night, with the virus “, he explains to Health in view of the approval, scheduled for December, by the European drug regulatory body ( Ema) of the vaccine for children.


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