Vaccini, Carlo Freccero at Accordi & Disaccordi (Nove): “Minister Speranza had to find other solutions. At the end of the pandemic there will be trials”

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“The vaccines? The Minister of Health Hope he had to involve all doctors to tell what can be done to cure. When the pandemic ends there will be a process on these things, everything will not go so smoothly “. Like this Carlo Freccero ad Agreements & Disagreements, the political talk led by Luca Sommi e Andrea Scanzi, with the participation of Marco Travaglio, broadcast on New commented on the work of the owner of Health, who, according to the television critic, “belongs to the Liberi e equuali group, but has reduced citizens to discriminated subjects because he only dealt with vaccines “. The mass media scientist recalled “that horrible slogan”, that is ‘Tachipirina and watchful waiting’ that was used in the early days of the pandemic defining it “A blasphemy”: “Now do you know that when the pandemic ends there will be a trial on these things? Everything will not go so smoothly ”, concluded Freccero, one of the promoters of the anti-Green pass referendum.

‘Agreements & Disagreements’ is produced by Loft Productions for Discovery Italia and will be available in live streaming and subsequently on demand on the new streaming service discovery+ as well as on the website, app and smart TV of TVLoft. Nove is visible on Digital Terrestrial channel 9, on Sky Canale 149 and Tivùsat Canale 9.

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