Vaccini, the judges of Trentino Alto Adige: “Focus on coverage of the entire justice sector” –

BOLZANO. The junta ofNational Association of Magistrates of Trentino-Alto Adige, “in accordance with the requests made by the central body to the Minister of Justice, from the beginning requested the Region that the entire justice sector be included in the vaccination plan, considering it an essential service “, reads a note from the president of the Anm Trentino-Alto Adige junta Consuelo Pasquali . “The request concerned all those who work in the judicial offices, magistrates and administrative staff, trainees, supervisors and cleaners. Naturally, the sector also includes lawyers, who also act through their representative bodies. We understand that the Region has sent the complete lists to the provincial Health Authorities “.

“Starting last Thursday – the note continues – the Trentino magistrates were summoned to undergo the vaccination during this weekend. On Friday afternoon the news arrived that only the magistrates had been called. For this reason the local council tried to have more precise news. Despite the difficulties deriving from the fact that it was Friday afternoon, at 6.00 pm we reached the person in charge of the Healthcare Company by telephone, who explained to us that the convocation of the magistrates took place according to the previous vaccination plan, agreed during the government Conte, who actually envisaged the justice sector as an essential service. However, the call concerned only the magistrates, not the administrative staff and other operators, who according to the new vaccination plan will follow the criteria established for the general population “.

“This information was sent to colleagues by institutional means around 6.30 pm, therefore at a time that is now close to the closure of the offices. It is evident that few have known in a timely manner and those who have known have decided according to their conscience, not least considering also, from on the one hand, that getting vaccinated represents a duty towards the community and public health, on the other hand, that canceling at the last moment could have created a disservice. The strong hope remains that complete coverage of the justice and not only that “, concludes Pasquali.


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