Vaccini, Veneto experiences the “direct call” for years and months of birth –

Veneto pushes the accelerator of anti-Covid vaccinations by introducing a new direct access formula: no online booking, no letter sent by post, no confirmation message, the call is made by year and month of birth. Yesterday the province of Treviso experimented with an alternative calling system: 85-year-olds were invited to the four vaccination centers, at 8 for those born in January, at 9 for those born in February, until 19 when it was the turn of the births. in December. The procedures were simple, with a few queues and dozens of health workers involved in the medical history and administration. The summoned of the class of 1936 were 4,700 but the USL 2 has made available almost double the doses of AstraZeneca and Moderna because in Veneto, in the event that the elderly person is accompanied by a cohabitant over 65 (husband, wife, child or caregiver) both can receive the vaccine indicated by healthcare professionals. It means two people with a single trip.


Adherence was high, despite some now customary cancellations, but the experiment seems successful. In Godega di Sant’Urbano, in an exhibition hall transformed into a vaccination center, the president of the Region Luca Zaia arrived at 11. He wanted concrete proof of how the model he conceived and supported proceeded: It works, now we can also apply it in other Venetian Usl and for other age groups. Moving hundreds of people every hour in the absence of technology (twelve hours of injections for twelve months) may seem like a gamble, but for those who do not have practicality with smartphones and tablets it is not so bad. Everything went smoothly and the grandparents from Treviso heaved a sigh of relief for that long-awaited appointment. Even those who made AstraZeneca, now cleared of customs regardless of age, did not have the slightest doubt. Between the chairs, a couple exchanged hopeful glances after the administration. I am Chiara, he is Biagio – the lady sighs -. We’ve done everything together for the past sixty years and now they’ve allowed us to get the vaccine too. We have been protecting ourselves indoors for a year and now we can find some of the normalcy we lack. The direct call is based on a massive communication campaign without going through the computer systems, sms and envelopes that risk getting lost. Zaia makes it a matter of principle: In each district of the Veneto we know how many people are born each year, we can plan vaccination days based on certain numbers. The fire is lit with the lighter, but if you don’t have it you must know how to use the flint. And we didn’t need a computer today. The formula used yesterday in Treviso thus becomes the second vaccination model: today the online portal for registrations and appointments will also be illustrated; the Usl will be able to choose which of the two systems to apply, digital or analog.

March 28, 2021 (change March 28, 2021 | 23:02)

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