A first agreement with the Spallanzani hospital to test the Sputnik vaccine. The governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, announced on a visit to the vaccination hub at the Parco della Musica auditorium in Rome, “stipulated in the next few days”. It is a “scientific experimentation”, he underlines, “obviously awaiting formal authorization from the EMA as regards the study of variants”. “This is another piece of good news that allows us to take a leap forward in vaccine procurement,” said Zingaretti. This was stated by the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti on a visit to the vaccination hub at the Parco della Musica auditorium in Rome.

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Speaking of anti-covid vaccinations, Zingaretti stated that “the most important data in our territory is to have made about 80 percent of the over 80s safe. This means that the choice made to secure especially those who risked life: our seniors. We will soon be able to say that all those over 80 who had booked in Lazio will be vaccinated “.

As far as AstraZeneca is concerned, “the positive news is that fortunately we are registering a great deal of support for vaccination too” for this vaccine. “It is positive news also supported by a great organizational effort that allowed us to recontact all 14 thousand who had missed the vaccine blocked by the EMA”. “The vaccination campaign has restarted one hundred percent in a very positive way,” he stressed.

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