Vaccino Sputnik, Cavaleri (Ema): “Probably ok in May”


Ema’s okay to the Sputnik anti-covid vaccine could arrive in May. This was stated by Marco Cavaleri, head of the vaccine strategy of Ema, the European Medicines Agency, host of Radio24. “Sputnik is a well designed vaccine and deserves everyone’s interest. We are happy to collaborate with the manufacturer and see if we can use it in Europe, but we have to check production standards against expectations – he said – There is an ongoing program and in the coming weeks we will see if we can approve the vaccine. But before the end of April we will not be ready to give the ok to Sputnik, more likely May “.

On the deaths of people vaccinated with AstraZeneca “to date there is no causal link, on Thursday the committee will collect all the data on the basis of what we will decide whether to do something or not”, he stressed. “Ema’s position on the AstraZeneca vaccine has not changed since last week, the causal link is not established so we believe the vaccine maintains a positive benefit-risk balance so there is no reason to stop using it. Then, we understand the vaccine. position of the member states and that as a precaution we prefer to wait until we conclude our investigation – he specified – On Thursday our pharmacovigilance committee will review all the data we have collected, the data coming from Norway, and based on these we will decide whether ‘is something to worry about or whether we can go on as before. ”

“We must be very careful in interpreting these dramatic events, but which occur anyway and in temperal coincidence with vaccination – warns Cavaleri, referring to the deaths of people immunized with AstraZeneca – but it does not mean that they are connected to immunization. We must be careful. not to jump to conclusions right away “.

The suspension of a single batch “are precautionary measures that other countries, not just Italy, have taken. The reasons may be different, in Italy there is an investigation by the judiciary, as a due act, and it is necessary to understand the context of every single country. It is legitimate to verify that everything is ok and then continue, but – he continues – it is necessary to be attentive to the messages that reach the population, with the suspension of a single batch you send a message of fear “.


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