Valeria Giacinti, “disputed bomber in women’s football”: goes to Fiorentina

Valentina Giacinti (Lapresse)

Valentina Giacinti from Milan to Fiorentina

A shot in the transfer market female for a champion who was 3 times top scorer of A league and is a pillar of the Italian national football team. “Vale, striker’s contention women’s soccer“, headlines the Corriere della Sera talking about the changeover on loan from Milan at the Fiorentina until the end of the season Valeria Giacinti. “I chose Florence above all because Fiorentina are investing a lot in women’s football also with Viola Park. I am very attracted to this and then I chose the Fiorentina because there is mister Panic. It was my model along with Melania Gabbiadini. She was a great striker and I want to grow with her teachings “, explained the player to the official Fiorentina channels. Personal goals? “Scoring and growing from all points of view. I aim to arrive physically and psychologically prepared for the European Championship. I want to help Fiorentina climb the rankings and get as high as possible. I don’t want to talk about the standings but I have something important in mind “.

Valentina Giacinti, the welcome from Fiorentina

In the past few hours, the official status from the purple club had arrived. “ACF Fiorentina announces that he has completed the loan fromAC Milan for the right to sports services of the player of the Italian national team Valentina Giacinti. Born in Bergamo on January 2, 1994, she has played for the Rossoneri team for the last three years and wore the shirts of Atalanta, Naples, Seattle, Mozzanica and Brescia. Three times top scorer in the Women’s Serie A, with an Italian Super Cup, a USA Championship (Washingotn State) and an Evergreen Cup in her palmares, she boasts more than 260 career goals with six appearances and two goals in the Champions League. Blue since 2010, defends the colors of the National team with which he scored 16 times in 47 games. The footballer has chosen the number 19 and will wear the purple jersey until June 30, 2022 “.

Valentina Giacinti, the greeting from Milan

The Milan he greeted Valeria Giacinti: “The Club would like to thank Valentina, who has been with the Rossoneri since the first season of the women’s team, for the professionalism that has distinguished her in recent years. Champions League. With Milan, up to now, he has totaled 86 appearances and 66 goals scored. Best wishes to Valentina for the rest of the sporting season “.

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