Valerie Bertinelli Embraces Body Positivity and Prioritizes Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli Embraces Body Positivity and Prioritizes Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli Embraces Body Positivity After Finding “Fat Clothes” in Closet

Valerie Bertinelli, the 63-year-old Food Network star, recently took to Instagram to share her empowering message of body positivity. In a video, she revealed that she had found her old “fat clothes” in the back of her closet, including the outfit she wore in her very first “before photo” as a Jenny Craig spokesperson.

Bertinelli stood in front of the mirror wearing a pink button-up shirt and jeans and expressed, “Health is not a body size. Health is not the number you see on the scale. Your worth as a human being isn’t dictated by your body.” She confidently declared that she had never felt more beautiful, at peace, mentally, and emotionally stable than she does today while wearing her “fat clothes.”

The actress and TV personality emphasized that our bodies do not define who we are and that self-love is crucial. She encouraged her followers to love themselves and every single part of their bodies. Bertinelli conveyed her journey towards self-acceptance and self-care, highlighting the importance of not suppressing or numbing feelings with food or alcohol.

Bertinelli found the old clothes in the back of her closet and admitted that she doesn’t know why she kept them, but she’s glad she did. She acknowledged that she continues to work on prioritizing her mental and emotional health, seeking therapy, journaling, and practicing meditation.

In a previous Instagram post, Bertinelli had shared how prioritizing her mental health and making lifestyle changes had positively impacted her well-being. She expressed how healthier she feels and the shift in her mindset regarding nutrition and caring for her body. She also addressed the importance of being kind to oneself.

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Bertinelli, who went through a divorce in recent months, opened up about the impact of harsh words and abuse, both from others and from herself. Through therapy and self-reflection, she began caring for herself more, focusing on the nutritional value of her food, and cutting back on alcohol. This shift in mindset has helped her love herself and shed the weight she had carried for protection.

The actress ended with a powerful message, reminding everyone to be kind to themselves, as they deserve it. She emphasized that we are enough, just as we are. Bertinelli’s journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance has resonated with her followers, who have been inspired by her vulnerability and strength.

In February, Bertinelli also shared a lighthearted video on TikTok, highlighting the positive side effects of giving up alcohol for Dry January. She delightedly revealed that her jeans, which were once tight, have become loose, prompting her to go down a size. Followers applauded her dedication and shared their own experiences of feeling healthier after participating in dry months.

Valerie Bertinelli continues to be an advocate for body positivity and self-love. Her journey serves as an inspiration for many who are striving to accept and appreciate their bodies, regardless of their size.


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