Valerie Hamati: “My partner will have to be a Christian”

Valerie Hamati: “My partner will have to be a Christian”

Valerie Hamati, singer and actress. 23 years old, single. Grew up in Jaffa, now lives with her parents in Holon. won the second place in “The next star”, these days a new song of hers is supposed to be released – “Night”

care routine

“I’m a Libra, a sign known for its love of grooming. I’ve been grooming myself since I was 13, it comes from home – my mother is also very well-groomed – but lately I’ve been even more careful because my appearance is an integral part of the profession. I have normal skin but because that he wears make-up for long hours a day for photo shoots or performances – he sometimes suffers from small pimples. In my morning routine I wash my face with Paula Blick soap and dry with a small, clean towel. My moisturizer is from Paula’s acne series – although I don’t have acne, but it Protects me because of the make-up pimples and sweating. I care for my lips with Pow Pow’s moisturizing lipstick, which contains exfoliating sugar as well as moisture. For the skin of the body, I use the shea butter of Maroc, a refined bolt oil that gives it excellent nourishment.”

Gel cream for the treatment and soothing of red skin by Paula Blick Photo: Tomer Messinger

Moroccanoil body butter.  Price 130 sh"h for 200 m"to |  Photo: 18"C

Moroccanoil body butter. Price 130 NIS for 200 ml Photo: PR

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“I come to Paula Blick once every two to three months for an hour and a half treatment that includes a thorough cleansing combined with masks to purify the skin.”


“I love Nars products, especially their light makeup and concealer, which are great for everyday use. I also use Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil and MAC black volumizing mascara. For lips, I use Scara pinky-brown liner and Ada gloss L’Zorgan, which contributes to the volume of the lips. In the evening, I also use a creamy bronzer and a marker eyeliner by Ill Makeup. I remove the makeup with Life wipes.”

Make-up NARS Light Reflecting Foundation.  Price 215 Sh"H |  Photo: 18"C

Make-up NARS Light Reflecting Foundation. Price NIS 215 | Photo: PR

IL MAKIAGE BLACK CARD durable marker eyeliner.  Price 98 Sh"H |  Photo: Or Tsafeti

IL MAKIAGE BLACK CARD durable marker eyeliner. Price NIS 98 | Photo: Or Tsafeti

Life wipes 9.90 sh"H |  Photo: 18"C

Life wipes NIS 9.90 | Photo: PR


“There are smells that give me a headache. I like sweet smells in moderation but very subtle. I am constantly asked about the smell of my perfume that has been identified with me for the past two years and is always with me in my bag. This is Jade’s ‘ICON VANILLA BLACK’ perfume oil. It absorbs perfectly And his smell stays with me for hours.”

ICON VANILLA BLACK by GA-DE.  Price 198 Sh"h to 100 m"to |  Photo: 18"C

ICON VANILLA BLACK by GA-DE. Price 198 NIS for 100 ml Photo: PR


“I have normal, wavy-straight hair. I get tinted once every six months at Avi Malka’s and on that occasion I also get a haircut. I used to be a presenter for the La Bota brand and I fell in love with their red organic series, without salts, for hair restoration. I know it’s not recommended but I I have to wash my hair every day. From such a habit.”


“I have never groomed my eyebrows. They are relatively thick and I maintain their natural appearance, combing them upwards. If I discover one unruly hair I am responsible for it and remove it with tweezers.”

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Mani Paddy

“I hardly ever do a pedicure because I have no patience. I get a manicure once every three weeks to a month at Donia Bifou, who makes me gel polish on an anatomical structure – she takes my nail and restores it. The nails are still my natural nails and they don’t break Most of the time, I wear nail polish based on Nuod or OPI’s Fanny Bunny, and sometimes in black-brown.”

Valerie Hamati  Photo: Eran Levy

Valerie Hamati Photo: Eran Levy


“As a singer who is on stage a lot, it is important for me to maintain my body well. Singing requires a lot of air in the lungs and I hold my body accordingly. It is important to me to be in shape. I come twice a week to Pilates at the Spice Institute in Holon. In addition, I do functional personal training and combine aerobics, weights and – TRX at Shahar Jana in Ramat Hayal.”


“I’m thin by nature, it’s a genetic matter in our family. But it’s not enough to be thin, because even being thin with high fat percentages is not healthy. I don’t have a fixed diet menu because this commitment doesn’t suit me, and it even triggered a bit of an eating disorder in the past, but I know what makes my stomach feel good. I drink my coffee with almond milk or oatmeal and minimize dairy products because I’m lactose intolerant. On busy days I only eat one meal and snack around, but I try to eat three regular meals so as not to binge eat. Between For meals I eat an energy bar, yogurt or Kinder fingers. In an Arab home there is always a lot of food, not schnitzel and flakes but stews and carbohydrates like rice and frika to which I add protein like tuna or chicken breast. Luckily, my father is a restaurateur who owns an Arab-Italian restaurant in Jaffa, so I enjoy food there in tabon: sfiha, small dumplings stuffed with meat, masahan – a Druze pita stuffed with shredded chicken that is cooked for hours with caramelized onions and blush, and more. I haven’t been weighed in years and I maintain an even weight – at most two kilos here or there.”

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“My friends heard me humming and signed me up for an audition to sing at a ceremony in Poland, in the extermination camps. I was chosen and I was the first Arab to sing there.”

My tip

“Listen to yourself and your gut feelings because only you know what is right for you. This met me in the decision about choosing a career: the environment told me you were an excellent student, you did five biology units, go to the academy and get a degree. As a girl, I didn’t know I could sing. I played the clarinet, keyboards and guitar and I performed in Miomana between the ages of 9 and 13. But my voice was discovered by chance only at the age of 16, just before the trip to Poland, when my friends who heard me humming signed me up for an audition to sing at a ceremony in the extermination camps. I was chosen and I was the first Arab to sing there ” and “Lonely Lantern”. The presence on the stage felt natural to me and the reactions from the outside convinced me that there was something here that needed to be explored. After high school I went to study in Ramon and then the corona virus came. Roberto heard about me and two months later I reached the next star. Today, fortunately, my parents are my biggest fans and give me a stable ground that bears fruit. They come to almost every show, even in Dubai. I live on the seam between two cultures and this requires me to compromise and also be a juggler. It’s not always easy and sometimes there are explosions, but the most important thing is to talk. Communication is the key to everything. At the age of 23, in the Jewish world, girls usually live alone – and I don’t. I can come back late from an outing but I need to update, I don’t have the liberality of Jewish society and I understand and considerate. I haven’t had a serious boyfriend yet. I’m not waiting or looking, when it comes I’ll know. I don’t know what the universe will call me, but I am a Christian and he will have to be a Christian, even an American. I know that my wonderful parents sometimes compromise with me and go towards me, but they will not compromise on this – and I respect them and the tradition.”


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