The restrictions against the spread of Covid-19 also change for the Aosta Valley from 6 April

AOSTA. With today, April 5, the Easter “red window” of containment measures against Covid-19 ends. From tomorrow the orange regions will return to being such and the red ones will remain under lockdown.

For the red areas such as the Valle d’Aosta, national regulations allow you to move from tomorrow only for reasons of work, health or necessity and to return to your home and maintain the evening curfew (from 10pm to 5am). Leaving the house to visit friends and relatives will no longer be possible.

The regional ordinance that adapts these government provisions to the Valle d’Aosta area allows you to move to the Municipalities close to your own only to take advantage of unsuspended activities and services, allows the care of vegetable gardens and orchards even outside the Municipality of residence, confirms the prohibition to enter Valle d’Aosta to reach second homes. The provision also allows physical activity to be carried out within one’s own Municipality and sporting activity always within the municipal boundaries, but outside the main streets of inhabited centers and preferably on secondary roads and paths and marked trails.

The ordinance in question is valid until tomorrow, April 6, and will probably be extended for the period in which the Aosta Valley will remain in the red zone.

Also tomorrow also expires the ordinance signed on March 31st by the President of the Region Erik Lavevaz which establishes the carrying out of the activities of the services for early childhood. Pending the new regional provisions, you can take a look at what is indicated in the latest decree law: from 7 to 30 April, the performance in the presence of the educational services for children and school and didactic activities in the school of the childhood, in primary school and in the first year of lower secondary school.

Clara Rossi

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