AOSTA. After having published the article on “Valle d’Aosta, the shadow of the mafia also reaches vaccinations. And politics is silent” I tried to solicit comments from some current and past regional councilors. The result: everyone refused to comment on the request of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission to have the lists of the many vaccinated against Covid-19 under the heading “others”. Only this morning, unexpectedly, one of these characters sent me an interesting comment of his in which he spoke of incapacity, incompetence and much more. To be fair, I asked for confirmation to be able to publish it: with surprise I receive a negative answer. No consent. This character later deleted the comment.

I did not understand the reasons, we missed him writing “I have a family”.

What is behind all this at the moment we do not know. Yesterday the Brothers of Italy asked each regional councilor to clarify whether they themselves, or their relatives, have skipped the line for vaccinations. Excellent question and who knows if we will ever have answers.

Certainly the Anti-Mafia Commission, if it ever has the authentic list of possible vaccine “crafty”, could answer this question. And then any regional councilors will have to explain to us the reason for this abuse of power.

So far there is a deafening silence on this aspect that feeds doubts. If everyone was innocent, why not say it? In a difficult time like this, doubts become the triggers of anger. And anger is an ugly beast. We are on the slopes of a volcano that is about to explode and in the regional council we are discussing projects that are currently useless or unachievable. After twenty years they prevented from attending press conferences in person to avoid our questions. Well, but they cannot gag all the people of Valle d’Aosta or enchant them with promises of perhaps, of when, of never.

Marco Camilli

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