Valle d’Aosta, the shadow of the mafia also reaches vaccinations. And politics is silent

It must reflect the interest of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission on Valle d’Aosta, Calabria, Campania and Sicily

It is worrying to read the statements by the president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission Nicola Morra who asks four Italian regions to provide clarification on the lists of vaccinated persons. Not the Minister of Health, not a councilor, but the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.

At the center of attention are Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Valle d’Aosta.

These four are not the only Italian regions to have a particularly high number of vaccinated in the “others” category. For example, even in Veneto it has high numbers compared to the national average as does the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. However, Senator Morra’s statements focused on three southern regions and ours. An attention that the Aosta Valley – still at the mercy of trials and investigations on the relationship between politics and the ‘Ndrangheta – would have gladly done without. An attention that casts a heavy shadow on the vaccination campaign, making one suspect that behind the possible “cunning” of the vaccine there is much, much more.

To the statements of the president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission the Local Health Authority of the Aosta Valley replied with a press release explaining why those “other” numbers are so high. There are people under the age of 79, firefighters, volunteers, prisoners, people in vulnerable conditions and others. Simple and legitimate explanations, but the “toto vaccinated” immediately began on social media to find the crafty who skipped the line.

The situation should make our leaders think above all. Instead, there was no reaction from our politicians, who are so busy these days discussing programming on a clay basis and giving vague promises in response to the cries of an angry and intolerant square.

Is it better a silence that covers everything? Better to ignore it, the voters have a short memory?

Many people from Valle d’Aosta are exasperated. Investigations on the ‘Ndrangheta, political incapacity, a pandemic that killed more than 400 people, very heavy economic repercussions, effects in the social field still impossible to calculate in the long term. And now that light at the end of the tunnel represented by vaccinations is also darkening.

The shouts from the square cannot surprise. The anger grows among those who, until recently, believed they were living in “a happy island” and now awaken in a territory even nationally considered under the yoke of homunculi devoted to power and politics “what theirs”.

Marco Camilli

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