Valtur on the hunt for 700 professionals for village staff

Rome, 23 March ( / Labitalia)

About 700 professionals to be included in the village staff and management. Valtur does not stop and in a moment of great uncertainty for the entire tourism supply chain sends a strong signal of optimism to the market and kicks off the ‘Valtur Career Week’: an innovative digital recruiting event, scheduled between March 29 and March 3 April, which aims to identify around 700 professionals for the brand’s structures and for the entire Nicolaus group, owner of the brand. the site where you can send your application.

To better structure the new approach to recruiting, Valtur has invested heavily, developing a sophisticated system for receiving and screening applications, which in the days of the selection will allow the heads of the human resources department to virtually meet candidates for different positions. The communication campaign associated with the career week is underway – the deadline for applying is March 26 – and the organization of the curricula is governed by a particular software that diversifies them by semantic areas and skills, automatically sending them to the various managers of the selections.

In addition to recruiting, the ‘Valtur Career Week’ is closely linked to the setting of training for new resources, which can be started with the correct timing according to the tourist season of 2021, using new digital tools and giving priority to the learning of accurate anti Covid-19 security protocols. Never before in tourism will it be important to give the utmost importance to training to protect both the health of guests and that of all professionals who literally support a key sector of the Italian economy with their work.

“Even if the whole tourism supply chain is once again going through a time of great crisis and uncertainty, we want to give continuity to our planning and to the growth of the Valtur brand, as well as to send a confident signal to the market. With the goal of this horizon, we have decided to launch our online recruiting event in 2021 without decreasing the number of professionals we are looking for. In 2020 we launched the ‘Valtur Day’, which, between social campaigns and vertical activities with industry partners, reached over 1,400,000 people. 700 were the people we were looking for last year, before the outbreak of the pandemic, and 700 are the ones we are looking for in 2021, through our ‘Valtur Career Week’ “, comments Roberto Pagliara, president of the Valtur Group.

“Professionalism and uncompromising quality – explains Pagliara – continue to be the pillars of our mission and will be even more important to build the future of tourism. As will the determination that requires not to stay at the window and to commit to the creation of concrete horizons. We want to give them to our company, to our partners, to the distribution, to guests waiting to be able to enjoy a peaceful holiday, and to tourism professionals for too long without employment, whom we proudly want to return to work, thanks also to our contribution”.

The profiles sought are different and will cover specific areas and tasks. The initiative aims, in fact, to identify managerial and operational figures, with a focus on expertise in the hotel industry, hotel management and administration, guest relations, food & beverage, entertainment and sports activities.

After the selection, the first training activities will be set up. The main strands will be two: the knowledge and assimilation of security protocols, the exploration of the uniqueness of the formats that distinguish the Valtur and Nicolaus Club brands, aimed at giving the guest an experience modeled on his desires and highly gratifying.

After the insertion in the structures, the training will continue periodically both for what concerns the services and for the safety in the anti coronavirus function.

“In addition to creating new jobs, our Career week is important for training. If until 2019 those who worked in hotels were responsible in a broad sense for the good life of guests, since last year, they must literally take the lead. maximum care of their well-being, without forgetting, of course, that of their own and colleagues. Also for this reason, despite the uncertain tourist horizon, we wanted to invest to start this innovative recruiting operation and present ourselves ready to give life to a new season tourism in which we strongly believe. For our company and for an entire sector, which is fundamental for the economic health of the country ”, concludes Sara Prontera, marketing director of the Group.


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