Valve postpones launch of Steam Deck for 2022

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sportFive1141979 (Photo: Sport 5)
Photo: Sports 5

So we probably won’t get to play on the Steam Deck console this year, following Valve’s announcement that it’s postponing its manual console to February 2022. The company originally planned to launch the device in December, but it now says supply chain hurdles have disrupted plans for launch dates. December.

“We are sorry for this – we have done our best to circumvent the global supply chain problems, but due to a material shortage, the components do not arrive at our production facilities in time so that we can meet our initial launch dates,” he said. Written in the message. “Based on our updated estimates, Steam Deck will begin shipping to customers in February 2022. This will be a new order queue date – all order holders retain their place in the queue but the dates will change backwards accordingly.”


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