Van der Bellen invites you to the Hofburg for the corona vaccination

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen invites you to the Hofburg for the corona vaccination on the national holiday. “Get your spades in Austria’s most beautiful vaccination street, in the marble hall of the Hofburg. And then I invite you to stroll through the presidential chancellery,” advertises the head of state in a video on YouTube: “We are making the Hofburg an vaccination castle this year!”


Van der Bellen invites you to a corona vaccination in Hofburg

In cooperation with the City of Vienna and the Johanniter, the Hofburg organizes a vaccination route for everyone who has not yet been vaccinated. As a thank you, a tour of the representative premises of the presidential office is waiting, it said. Because of the Covid-19 situation, a “classic open day” is not possible this year either. Therefore, the Hofburg is only open to those who want to be vaccinated.

The Impfstraße in the Hofburg is organized together with the vaccination service of the City of Vienna. Interested parties can register at and register for the vaccination appointment on October 26 between 12 and 6 p.m. Alternatively, you can also book an appointment by calling the toll-free number 1450. For those who decide spontaneously, there will be a small contingent of free dates.

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